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Business Squared LLC

Developing Your Business Financial Future

Business Squared LLC is a financial solutions-based company providing contracted CFO services, business credit/funding programs, and financial literacy support. 

We stand on our Establish-Build-Grow Mindset as an order of priorities and the entry point for all of our clients. 

We believe business leaders should understand business finances as a process the company will BUILD over time.

We are passionate about the 8 out of 9 black business owners who have no employees and are likely to fail due to lack of funding. 

We for-see Business Squared LLC as a one-stop-shop services for our Black  Business Community.

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Black Business Credit Matters

Business Credit Literacy Community

Learn methods of Establishing-Building-Growing your startup company through the discipline of Business Credit.

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CFO Consulting Services

Take Your Pick

2-Hour Strategy Session

Let's Talk Business Finances 

Provide business financial risk management assessment, strategic and income generation planning.  Assist directly with startup financial projects and goals.

4-Hours Strategy Session
Business Financial Plan

CFO Contracted Services

4-hour Financial Strategy Sessions to clarify startup companies financial goals and income generator activities.  Financial Goal Guide & Financial Projections included.

2-Hour Financial Strategy Session
3-Hours Business Credit Intensive
12 Months Business Credit Advisor
Business Credit Execution Software

Business Credit Day Intensive

Go from Business Credit Educated to Business Credit Executed in one day.  Learn to Establish, Build, & Grow your Business Credit with the support of our lifetime custom virtual  platform,12 months of business credit advisement, 2-hour Financial Strategy session and 3 -hours one-on-one business credit development and execution.

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The Business Credit Experience

Tune into our Business Credit Experience Virtual Platform we use to provide the Business Credit support you need to Establish Build, & Grow Business Credit.  The video will give you an idea of the level of support you will receive. You will have access and customize your business profile effectively through this platform.  On this platform you will have all the resources needed to Establish, Build, and Grow your Business Credit.

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The 6  Secret Stages to Building Business Credit

Download this free ebook to help understand the Business Credit process for your organization.

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Check Out Our Testimonials

From Our Clients

Hi my name is Ivan Sugussen, from Castle Food Company. I have been in the business of credit coaching for about five months now. I am really excited about what just happened Tuesday. I was approved for a $10 million line of factory credit. This is going to be vital to my company as we continue to grow. I have found the coaching program to be very thorough, and while it did take some time, I can say with full confidence, that my company is now creditable and has the financial backing to allow us to grow.

Ivan’s 10 million dollar approval

When I first signed up for the business credit program, I was a little nervous, just because I had no business experience. I just finished filing for bankruptcy after an expensive divorce case. It takes longer to build good business credit, if you have bad personal credit. It is still very possible. Luckily I was not desperate for the start up money, and I was able to patiently build my company’s business credit. And eventually obtain money to start my company.

Harold B Malley Dublin OH

My accounting business has been around for a bit. We have been fairly successful to date, however, I wanted to grow, and was in need of additional expansion capital in order to make that happen. The problem was the local bank turned me down because my credit score was in the 500’s. After signing up for business credit service, it took me about 90 days to get everything in place. Then using my existing business revenue, I was able to get the additional expansion capital I needed, without a personal guarantee.

Dorothy J Lowell San Luis Obispo CA

The business credit coaching program has been great. I am a start up company and because I had good personal credit, my funding adviser was able to help me obtain my start up capital, within 60 days of working in the coaching program. Thanks for all the help.

Stella H Mckenney Dallas TX.

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